Ultra-compact single-package power supply modules

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Integrated 6MHz IC contributes to smaller, thinner designs


In recent years smartphones and portable devices are becoming increasingly multifunctional, requiring more components along with greater power consumption. This reduces available mounting area considerably, increasing design complexity. In response to this, ROHM developed a space-saving module ideal for portable devices and high density applications.

The BZ6A Series integrates all required capacitors and inductors in a single package, resulting in the smallest plug-in type module in the industry *(2.3mm × 2.9mm × 1.0mm).

*ROHM 9/20/2011 survey
 Typical Features
  • The industry's smallest, thinnest form factor: 2.9mm × 2.3mm, t=1.0mm (max.)
  • High-speed 6MHz operation results in more than 85% efficiency
  • Wide input voltage range: 2.3V to 5.5V
  • Automatic PWM/PFM mode switching
  • Multiple protection circuits built in (including soft start)

Key Feature 1 : IC chip integrated into the substrate for a thinner, smaller form factor

A high-speed 6MHz switching power supply IC (BU9000X Series) is integrated into the substrate, along with all required components, resulting in high performance in the industry's smallest size. No external parts are required, simplifying switching power supply circuit design while contributing to greater miniaturization and shortening development time considerably.

Structural DiagramPackage Comparison

Key Feature 2 : High efficiency in an ultra-compact package

Original hysteresis PFM/PWM control is utilized for high efficiency at all loads along with high speed response

Efficiency Graph (BU9000x Series)


Smartphones, portable gaming systems, digital cameras, notebook PCs, smart meters, industrial equipment, and more

Smartphones, portable gaming systems, digital cameras, notebook PCs, smart meters, industrial equipment


Part No. Power Supply Voltage (V) No. of Channels (ch) Output Current (A) Output Voltage (V) Operating Frequency (MHz) PFM/ PWM Mode Output OFF Discharge Package
NEW BZ6A1206GM 2.3 to 5.5 1 0.6 1.20 6 Included Included BGA-MD (8pin)

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