CGIC (Clock Generators ICs)

All required system clocks are included Clock Generators ICs BU7335MWV

The BU7335MWV clock generator utilizes ROHM's original high frequency accuracy PLL technology (patented) along with SS (Spread Spectrum) technology as a countermeasure against EMI, resulting in a single-chip clock system optimized for Intel® Atom™ E600 platforms. All required clocks, including those for the CPU (3 lines), PCIe, SATA, graphics (1 line), and USB are included. Designed for use with the BD9591AMWV/BD9594AMWV for sequence control.

  • All clocks required for a 5ch PLL system are integrated on a single chip, including a CK505-compliant low-jitter type.
  • Spread Spectrum function built in for reduced EMI noise.
  • Combining with a BD9594AMWV/BD9591AMWV PMIC provides additional platform support.
 Function Block (BU7335MWV)

Function Block (BU7335MWV)

 Frequency Table
  Function Wave Form Spread
Output Clocks
CPU Processor 0.8V differential 100MHz/83.33MHz
Processor 0.8V differential 100MHz/83.33MHz
PCI Express 0.8V differential 100MHz
Display & Audio 0.8V differential - 96.00MHz
Timers & HPET 3.3V differential - 14.318182MHz
PCH PCI Express 0.8V differential 100MHz
SATA 0.8V differential 100MHz/75MHz
Ether 3.3V differential - 25MHz
System 3.3V differential - 48MHz
Option0 MCLK 3.3V differential - 12.288MHz
Option1 ITP Header 0.8V differential 100MHz/83.33MHz
Option2 PCI Express 0.8V differential 100MHz
Option3 PCI Express 0.8V differential 100MHz
Option4 PCI Express 0.8V differential 100MHz
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BD959x Series / BU733x Series  (PDF:365KB)
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