PMIC (Power Management ICs)

All power supplies required by the system are provided Power Management ICs BD9594AMWV/BD9591AMWV

The BD9591AMWV and BD9594AMWV system power management ICs supplies power to the main system blocks, including the CPU, IOH, clock IC and DDR2 memory. A complicated supply sequency controller is also built in, eliminating the need for a special power supply control IC while enabling configuration of an optimized system power supply and environment for the Intel® Atom™ E600 Series processor.

  • Complicated power supply sequence (which conventionally was performed via microcontroller) is built in, reducing user design load.
  • System-optimized efficient power supply design requires only a single FET for greater compactness.
  • Used in conjunction with an BU7335MWV CGIC provides additional platform support.
 Function Block (BD9594AMWV)

Function Block (BD9594AMWV)

 Power supply sequence
  Channel Rail
S4/S5 S3 S0
CPU DC/DC1 V3P3_A 3.3 10000 ON ON ON
SW2 V3P3 3.3 10 OFF ON ON
SW1 V3P3_S 3.3 200 OFF OFF ON
DC/DC2 V1P8 1.8 2400 OFF ON ON
SW6 V1P8_S 1.8 570 OFF OFF ON
LDO5 V1P5_S 1.5 120 OFF OFF ON
LDO4 V1P25_S 1.25 7 OFF OFF ON
LDO3 V1P05 1.05 100 OFF ON ON
DC/DC3 V1P05_S 1.05 3400 OFF OFF ON
VTT V0P9_S 0.9 200 OFF OFF ON
DC/DC4 VCC_S 0.75-0.90 3500 OFF OFF ON
DC/DC5 VNN_S 0.75-0.90 1600 OFF OFF ON
PCH LDO1 IO_PLA_2.5V 2.5 21 ON ON ON
SW3 IO_PLA_3.3V 3.3 40 ON ON ON
SW4 IO_PLB_3.3V 3.3 280 OFF ON ON
SW5 IO_PLC_3.3V 3.3 30 OFF OFF ON
LDO7 USB_VDD_1.2V 1.2 140 OFF ON ON
LDO2 VDDCORE_1.2V 1.2 100 ON ON ON
LDO6 VDDCORE_1.22V 1.22 550 OFF ON ON
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BD959x Series / BU733x Series  (PDF:365KB)
IOH (Input-Output Hub) PMIC (Power Management ICs)
CGIC (Clock Generators ICs) ReferenceBoard