Immediate operation verification and evaluation Monitor successfully attached to reference board

ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor offer a high efficiency reference board with onboard PMIC, CGIC, and IOH or PCH and development kit for Intel®'s Atom™ E600 Series platform that shortens system design considerably. A SATA, USB×2, audio, ethernet, and Micro-SD interface is built in, along with a 5-inch LCD. Compatible with Linux OS (Fedora, v10), making evaluation possible by simply connecting to the peripheral circuitry.

 Multiple development and evaluation tools provided for greater ease-of-use
 Other tools

Power Management ICs BD9594AMWV/BD9591AMWV

  • DataSheet
  • Technical Note
  • Platform design guide
  • Sighting reportetc

Clock Generators ICs BU7335MWV

  • DataSheet
  • Technical Note
  • Platform design guide
  • IBIS Data
  • etc

GOJYO ReferenceBoard

  • Parts List
  • Schematic
  • Sighting report
  • etc


  • PMIC
  • CGIC
 Remarkably convenient
  • Verify and evaluate the performance of Intel®'s Atom™ E600 Series platform.
  • Use as a reference board during customer board development in order to reduce debugging time.
  • Original software drivers are also available for user development.

LAPIS Semiconductor and ROHM provide a total support system, including reference boards, software, and additional support tools that can be purchased from Sophia Systems - a recommended third-party embedded support provider.
[ Development platform "GOJYO" can be bought on the Web site of Sophia Systems. ]

IOH (Input-Output Hub) PMIC (Power Management ICs)
CGIC (Clock Generators ICs) ReferenceBoard